Vietcombank Transfer

What is Vietcombank Transfer?

Vietnam Commercial Bank, commonly known as Vietcombank, is one of Vietnam’s largest and most reputable banks. Well-established and reliable, it provides a comprehensive range of banking services. One of its primary offerings is the ability to make international money transfers, known as Vietcombank Transfer.

How Does Vietcombank Transfer Work?

With Vietcombank Transfer, users can send money to overseas accounts from Vietnam and vice versa. This service is useful for business transactions, family support, and any payments involving international entities. When transferring, the sender must provide details such as the recipient’s full name, address, and bank name.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Using Vietcombank’s transfer service is relatively straightforward. The service is accessible through physical branches, ATMs, and through online platforms. All transactions are conducted securely and efficiently, ensuring funds reach the intended recipients with minimal delay.

Fees and Rates

As with any financial service, Vietcombank transfer involves certain fees and charges, which are generally competitive with those of other major banks. The rates vary depending on the destination country, transfer amount, and currency.

Is it a Good Payment Method for People in the UK?

While Vietcombank Transfer offers quick and reliable services, it might not be optimal for UK residents. This is primarily due to three crucial reasons:

Limited Availability

Unless they hold an account with Vietcombank, UK residents might find it more challenging to access these services. Vietcombank has limited international presence with the main concentration of its branches based in Southeast Asia.

Currency Exchange Rates

The exchange rates between the Vietnamese Dong and the British Pound may not always be the most favourable, possibly eroding the value of your money during the transfer process.

Better-Localized Options

Various other money transfer services are perhaps better suited and more established for UK residents. These include internationally known services such as PayPal, TransferWise, and WorldRemit. These services often have competitive rates, superior accessibility, and a more optimized user interface for UK residents.


In conclusion, while Vietcombank Transfer offers a reliable service, it may not be the most efficient or cost-effective method for UK residents to transfer money. When choosing a money transfer service, looking at factors such as availability, fees, currency exchange rates, and ease of use is essential. For those in the UK, it might be more beneficial to use a globally recognized service that has a prominent presence and dedicated support within their region.

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